National Competitiveness Committee Seeks to Improve Oman’s Rankings Globally

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Muscat, The National Competitiveness Committee held its third and last meeting for 2022.

The meeting was held at the Ministry of Economy today and chaired by Dr. Said bin Mohammed Al Saqri, Minister of Economy.

The meeting reviewed the decisions made at the committee’s last meeting. Then, the two action plans related to improving Oman’s performance in the Network Readiness Index, and the Global Innovation Index were presented before the committee for discussion.

The committee was also briefed on the progress made for Oman Annual Competitiveness Report 2022 which lists all the international indices. The National Competitiveness Office follows and seeks to improve Oman’s rankings, in collaboration with the parties concerned in Oman.

The meeting also reviewed the recommendations presented at the conclusion of the study which was co-conducted by the National Competitiveness Office and State Audit Institution (SAI). It also discussed the proposal raised to subscribe in Gallup Inc. The step aims to include Oman in their annual international opinion polls, which is one of the main sources of data that feed many organizations publishing different international reports and indices.

The mandate of the National Competitiveness Office is to monitor the major international indices, in close cooperation with the entities concerned in Oman. It aims to improve Oman’s performance in each of the indices, which will in turn increase Oman’s ranking regionally and globally.

Present at the meeting were ministers and undersecretaries as well as private sector representatives who are members of the committee.

Source: Oman News Agency