Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, stressed on Thursday, during his second live appearance within the last 24 hours, that it is still important to confront the Zionist entity in Lebanon and Syria and stand by the Palestinian cause.

Nasrallah underlined the urge that Palestine retakes control of its land.

“Hezbollah awaits more than anytime before the date when the Zionists leave the land of Palestine,” Nasrallah added.

Hezbollah's Secretary-General rejected that the US puts its hand on the wealth of Lebanon, describing the US as an oppressed and corrupt country.

“The region must be independent in its water, land and gas,” he emphasized.

Referring to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Nasrallah said that eyes are now pinned on what will happen in Iraq and Syria.

He also spoke about the war of the United States and Saudi Arabia on Yemen, calling for an end to this war.

Commenting on the domestic scene, Hezbollah Chief said that his party had always called for forming a government.

“There are political parties blaming Hezbollah of putting sticks in the wheel of the formation process or blaming Iran for interfering in said formation,” he went on.

Commenting on the deterioration of economic and daily living conditions, Nasrallah considered that the situation must be confronted with all means for the sake of the people and the country.

Touching on the problem of gasoline and diesel, Nasrallah said the crisis was fabricated and could be solved if the state had a good intention.

"The state and security apparatuses must imprison everyone proved to be involved in this file or any other dossier, such as medicine and food,” he asserted.

In this connection, Nasrallah announced that a shipment of Iranian fuel oil for Lebanon will set sail in Beirut in the coming few hours, saying: “Papers of the first ship are completed and the ship is on its way to dock our land...Whenever the ship arrives to the Mediterranean we will provide more details on this subject.”

He revealed that the first ship carries diesel for generators, bakeries and hospitals, stressing that this ship and other ships would certainly reach the Lebanese territory safely.

"When the Iranian ship reaches Lebanese territory, it means they touched our territory," he said.

Finally, Nasrallah strongly criticized the US embassy in Lebanon, its ambassador, Dorothy Shea, for their role in deepening crises in Lebanon, creating plots and pushing some non-governmental organizations against a Lebanese category.

Source: National News Agency