Najaf Friday sermon: The United Nations General Assembly is harnessed in favor of the global hegemony system

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Najaf In Najaf Friday, Sadr Al-Din Al-Qabbanji affirmed that the United Nations General Assembly is working to serve global hegemony while watching the slaughter of peoples. On the other hand, he expressed his support for Iran by saying, “Iran today is fighting a battle of values, not an issue of a veil.”

At the beginning of his political speech, Al-Qabbanji accused the UN General Assembly of being manipulative in favor of the system of global hegemony, and explained in his comment on the last meeting of the Assembly, that since its founding, it has not been able to solve one of the world’s problems.

He added, “The General Assembly is still watching the slaughter of peoples in Yemen and Iraq and has not been able to neutralize the repressive regimes and solve the problem of ISIS or the issue of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it has not defended the oppressed Yemen.

Regarding the events that Iran is witnessing, Al-Qabbanji said, “Iran is waging a war of values between the rulership of Islam or not, explaining that the battle is not a battle of veil or the death of a girl in mysterious circumstances, but rather the issue is related to the rule of Islam and allowing it to organize the lives of peoples, indicating that the Iranian regime insisted on the rule of Islam and not to give up the issue. He continued: Islam is the primary advocate for women’s rights and human rights.

Al-Qabbanji deplored the imposition of US sanctions against the Iranian morality police over the death of a woman in mysterious circumstances, while ignoring the issue of cutting Khashoggi’s body with a chainsaw and the issue of the killing of a black person in America by suffocation in Trump’s rule.

In addition, Al-Qabbanji praised the Iranian people and took millions of demonstrations to defend Islam, returning them to a great position. While he referred to the Iranian people’s attachment to religion and their adherence to principles, and the participation of five million Iranians in the Arbaeen visit proves this.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency