Musandam in the Memory of Omani History Symposium to Kick off Tomorrow

Muscat, The seminar entitled “Musandam in the

Memory of Omani History” and the 8th documentary exhibition will be

opened tomorrow (Monday) at Khasab Hotel in the Governorate of

Musandam under the patronage of Sheikh Saud bin Sulaiman bin

Humair al-Nabhani, Advisor of the State.

The seminar is organized by the National Records and Archives

Authority (NRAA). It aims at highlighting the history of the Sultanate,

represented by the history of the governorate of Musandam, in various

fields and to shed light on the great role played by the people of

Musandam in the history of Oman and the value of the efforts exerted

by them to promote Oman and its prosperity.

The seminar will discuss 12 working papers by a number of

professors and researchers, divided into four themes, namely the

political and historical theme, the geographical theme, the economic

and social theme as well as the cultural theme. The seminar will be

accompanied by a documentary exhibition about the historical aspects

of Oman, including the Governorate of Musandam.

It includes a collection of documents, historical photographs, maps

and archives, which are part of the Sultanate’s long history.

Source: Oman News Agency