MP warns of adopting the current price of a barrel of oil in the budget law

Member of Parliament, Ali Faisal Al-Fayyad, warned against adopting the price of a barrel of crude oil in the budget law at 70 dollars per barrel.

Al-Fayyad pointed out in a statement: The danger of keeping the price of a barrel of crude oil at $70 in the budget, as it represents a great danger to the operating budget, which is the largest in the current draft law.

He said: The global oil prices are subject to a continuous decline or collapse, depending on international factors, as happened in the past years.

Al-Fayyad stressed: the necessity of taking a firm and clear stance towards the fluctuations of the oil market and setting a vision commensurate with the country's needs from the general budget in a way that serves the public interest.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency