Head of the Democratic Gathering, MP Taymour Jumblatt, called Saturday for "prudence and wisdom and not to be drawn into civil strife and clashes,” in wake of some local clashes that occurred yesterday, saluting in this regards the "Lebanese army leadership and soldiers for their active and guardian role in addressing the arising problems."

Jumblatt stressed, during his meeting with civil delegations who visited at Al-Moukhtara Palace earlier today, "on social and civil solidarity in the face of the current economic, social, daily life and health conditions, which require everyone to cooperate and join efforts to pass the delicate and critical stage we are witnessing."

He also listened to the visiting delegations’ demands and complaints with regards to the strict water and electricity rationing and shortage in various villages and towns, in addition to other services and daily-sustenance issues.

Also attending during today’s meetings with interlocutors at Al-Mokhtara were Deputies Akram Chehayeb, Bilal Abdallah and Wael Abu Faour, alongside senior Progressive Socialist Party officials.

Source: National News Agency