Mourinho Closes Door on Pogba Exit

Manchester, Paul Pogba may want to leave

Manchester United, but the French midfielder will not get his wish this


No longer does the France international feel comfortable or

enjoy playing at Old Trafford, as he does when he features for his


However, Jose Mourinho, Manager of Manchester United will not

give in to him and has already told both the player and his agent Mino

Raiola that his future is in the Premier League and more specifically, at


There is no chance of him being allowed to leave with 48 hours

left until the transfer window closes for Premier League sides.

Pogba’s desire had been to return to Juventus, the side where he

was at his best and where he was discussed as being one of the

world’s best players and most expensive man prior to Neymar’s PSG


The Italian side tried everything they could to bring him back and

even initiated several selling operations to fund a Pogba move, but

United’s refusal slowed down any kind of real talks.

Although Pogba wanted to leave, he also did not intend to ever

go to war with his club over it either.

He looked for a negotiated exit to the Bianconeri, who had a first

option on him if he did look to leave, due to his personal history in


Barcelona were also awaiting any moves on that front, but didn’t

have the financial capacity to pull off a deal, which would rise to 200

million euros between transfer and salary.

His agent held several meetings with the Barcelona hierarchy

although none were particularly productive, the Spanish MARCA

newspaper reported.

Source: Oman News Agency