Adam, Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Futaisi,

Minister of Transport and Communications (MoTC) today visited the 1st

and 2nd stage to review Adam-Thumrait dual carriageway, a 320 km

long road which starts from the end of Izz/Adam dual carriageway and

ends in the Wilayat of Haima. The visit aimed at reviewing the progress

of work at the project.

Dr. al-Futaisi said that the project is one of the vital projects due to

the intense traffic especially during Khareef season. 70% of the project

240km long project, which has been awarded to two companies, has

been already completed. An agreement has been reached with the

contractors to open 170 km of the 240km long project at the end of this

year. The remainder works will be opened by the end of March 2019.

The second part has been extended by 80 km to reach the Wilayat of

Haima. The work will be completed next year.

Source: Oman News Agency