More Than 73,000 Get Social Security Scheme Pay in May 2021

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Muscat, The number of people benefiting from the Social Security Scheme (SSS) in May 2021 stood at 73,123 individuals and families, with a total of 7 million, 780 thousand and 48 Omani Rials distributed to them.

In a statement to Oman News Agency (ONA), Salim Ali Al-Oweisi of the Social Welfare Department, the Ministry of Social Development, said that the SSS beneficiaries fall in eight categories and get pay as follows:

As many 2,307 cases fall in the category of “Orphans”, with a sum of RO 249,479 disbursed to them monthly; 3,577 cases of “Widows” (RO 439,358); 11,244 cases of “Divorced” women (RO 906,682); 31,288 “Elderly” people (RO 3,467,465); 3,184 “Unmarried” girls (RO 274,914); 5,949 cases of “Disability” (RO 2,416,656); 186 “Families of Imprisoned” supporters (RO 28,327) and 91 cases of “Deserted” persons (RO 12,464).

Outlining conditions for applying to the SSS Assistance, Al-Oweisi told ONA that the applicant should be of Omani citizenship, be among the above-mentioned eight deserving cases or a person not having any regular source of livelihood that covers or exceeds its needs as per the schedule set for pension cases stated in the SSS Law or a person not having any supporter who is capable of bearing the cost of sustaining the case.

Source: Oman News Agency