A’Rustaq, As part of operations carried out in the aftermath of the tropical cyclone /Shaheen/, rescue teams of the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority, found a missing citizen dead in Wadi Al Saleel, Wilayat of Al Rustaq, South Al Batinah Governorate.

The deceased was found late last night after his vehicle went adrift in the raging wadi and was spotted at 11 pm, 6 kilometres away from where it was first reported.

Meanwhile, the teams of the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority came to the rescue of 8 people stranded in wadis in the Governorate of A’Dakhiliyah.

The Authority's task force, operating in cooperation with the Police Aviation and the Royal Air Force of Oman, responded to more than 200 reports of citizens being trapped in their homes by flooding wadis in different parts of the North Batinah Governorate.

Source: Oman News Agency