Minister Responsible for Defense Affairs Views Progress at 4th Industrial Revolution Symposium

Muscat, Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harib al-

Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defense Affairs, was briefed today on

the progress of the dialogue sessions and panel discussions of the 4th

Industrial Revolution and Work Future. The symposium is held by the

National Defense College (NDC) since 24 February as part of the

College’s plans with the participation of government agencies and

private sector institutions.

Sayyid Badr was accompanied by Maj.Gen Mattar bin Salim

al-Balushi, Commander of the Royal Army of Oman (RAO), Rear

Admiral Abdullah bin Khamis al-Ra’eesi, Commander of the Royal Navy

of Oman (RNO), Maj.Gen Khalifa bin Abdullah al-Junaibi, Commander

of the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) and Maj.Gen Hamad bin Nasser

al-Nabhani, Secretary General of Military Affairs at the Royal Office.

Maj.Gen Salim bin Musallam Qatan, NDC Commandant

welcomed the Minister Responsible for Defense Affairs and the

attendees. He praised the minister’s interest in following up the NDC

curriculum and programs to achieve its mission in preparing and

qualifying both military and civil strategic leaders.

At the beginning, the Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs

and the attendees were briefed on the themes of the symposium, the

objectives of its implementation, the mechanism and stages of

implementation and the preparations made by the NDC to organize the

symposium, in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The Minister Responsible for Defense Affairs and the attendees

toured the groups during which they were briefed on the work of the

participants and their efforts to translate knowledge, intellectual and

methodological achievements gained through the course curriculum

and its academic and strategic courses and all related aspects to their

benefit from lecturers, experts and consultants from government

agencies and private sector institutions in giving opinion and advice to

serve the objectives of the symposium. He was also briefed by the

participants on the mechanism of analysis and inference methods they

use to come up with executable recommendations.

The Minister Responsible for Defense Affairs thanked the NDC

and all participants from government institutions and the private sector

on their efforts to organize and prepare this important symposium.

He also praised the methods of innovation, presentation,

analysis, inference, and exchange of views, which will serve the

objectives of the symposium, wishing participants to achieve the

desired results and the implementation of the workable

recommendations, in line with the next phase in light of the 4th

Industrial Revolution.

The participants discussed the challenges, including the lack of

clarity of strategic planning and the future needs of the labour market.

They touched on the indicators and initiatives that have been put

forward, including the preparation of an integrated framework for the

training sector and the further activation of the roles of those related to

education, training and rehabilitation, as well as supporting scientific

research and benefiting from experiences and expertise to work on the

development of an integrated strategy, consistent with the

repercussions and effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution that foresees

the future of work.

Source: Oman News Agency