Salalah, Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultana al- Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar today met with members of the sub-committee for the civil defence and public services officials at the HQs’ of the training centre in A’Dahareez, the Governorate of Dhofar to acquaint himself with their efforts in dealing with the effects of the adverse weather condition experienced by the governorate.

During the meeting, the Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar Meets with Public Services Officials praised these efforts and stressed the importance of re- considering some projects, such as roads, bridges, dams and others to withstand the various potential conditions. He also stressed the importance of transferring some facilities to more secure areas and the cooperation among various relevant authorities to restore conditions to normality before the start of the autumn (Khareef) season.

He was then briefed on the measures taken to address the adverse weather condition by allocating the available resources. He was also briefed on the plans of the service systems and sectors in cooperation with all organizations and the National Civil Defence Commission.

It should be noted that the relevant authorities continue efforts to resume the services that were affected by the adverse tropical conditions to normality before the start of the khareef season this year.

The meeting was attended by Acting advisor of the Deputy Governor of Dhofar, the chairman of Dhofar Municipality, advisors and representatives of the public and military services and private sector companies.

Source: Oman News Agency