MG Capital Announces Launch Of MG Preferred Plus™

New Product Provides Wider Access to Real Estate Investments in Manhattan

NEW YORK, May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MG Capital, a leading private equity real estate management firm, announced today the launch of its newest product, MG Preferred Plus™.

MG Preferred Plus™ enables individual accredited investors to open an account and begin investing with $50,000. This first-of-its-kind product provides retail investors access to a passive real estate investment strategy normally reserved for institutions.

MG Capital enables investors to meet their individual investment aspirations through a secured, transparent real estate investment that is 100% collateralized by debt-free Class A luxury properties across Manhattan and ensures that its investors benefit from its Capital Protection Provision®, which mitigates the risk of investment loss.1 Its new product provides the benefit of the firm’s strong investment track-record, competitive terms and straightforward fees, while providing liquidity options and investments backed by hundreds of income-producing properties.

“MG Preferred Plus™ streamlines the investment process, with investors being able to open an online account and begin investing in less than ten minutes,” said Eric Malley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MG Capital. “This launch provides accredited retail investors with access to a high quality investment opportunity normally reserved only for institutional-level investors. After conducting significant due diligence and engaging in numerous conversations with a broad range of our investors, we have identified an attractive investment entry point that provides a desired level of exposure to this increasingly important asset class.”

MG Capital has historically delivered year over year growth to investors with investment options structured to provide annual liquidity distributions. The firm maintains a diversified portfolio of hundreds of luxury residential properties in Manhattan. The properties are 100%-owned and professionally managed by the firm’s vertically integrated investment platform.

About MG Capital
MG Capital is a premier private equity real estate management firm investing exclusively in Class A residential properties across Manhattan. MG Capital pursues a unique, debt-free investment strategy that allows individuals and families globally to hold an equity interest in recurring rental income streams derived from hundreds of Class A residential luxury properties. Since 2000, the firm has pursued a disciplined investment strategy and strong focus on proprietary analytics for selecting real estate investments that has led it to become the largest owner-manager of debt-free, luxury residential properties across Manhattan.

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