Manafeth Website Wins Visitors Satisfaction

Muscat, Manafeth website (,

since its establishment in the portal of the National Center for Statistics

and Information in January 2018, has been able to satisfy visitors

interested in foreign trade statistics from inside and outside the

Sultanate. July witnessed a significant increase in the number of

visitors, as the centre officially launched it in early July 2018.

The Center has also launched Manafeth logo, which was in line with

the desired objectives of the application, including the availability of

data on the Sultanate’s economic relations with various countries of the

world for the interested entities of government and private institutions,

students, academics and individuals.

It is worth noting that Manafeth has many features, as it enables the

user to get detailed data on the most important goods and their value

in local currency, the country from which it is exported or exported, the

type of customs port, whether land, sea or air, in addition to the

possibility of knowing the country of origin of the goods entering the

Source: Oman News Agency