PENDANG, Malaysia, A woman, who is in confinement after giving birth to a daughter about two weeks ago, was injured on the face, believed to have been hit by a stray bullet from a shooting range near here house in Kampung Bukit Jambul here yesterday.

Nur Fatihah Azaini, 29, who is in her 16th day of confinement today, said the incident which occurred about 1.30 pm injured her eyelid and nose.

I was resting while watching the television, with my newborn baby, Nurul Hana Aqilah Mohd Edy, who was sleeping, beside me when I heard a loud noise, like something falling from the roof, and then something hit me on the face.

I panicked as there was a lot of blood (from the eye lid and nose) that I had to ask my mother to take me to the Pendang Health Clinic which then referred me to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB) in Alor Setar at about 3.30 pm for further treatment, she said.

Nur Fatihah, who works as a nurse at Penang Hospital, said she believed a stray bullet had hit her and that it came from a shooting range about 500 metres from her house.

A shooting exercise had been going on there since morning (yesterday), she added.

She said the incident happened when her husband, Mohd Edy Ahmad Termizi, 30, was in Taiping, Perak, working.

Pendang district police chief DSP Arriz Sham Hamezah confirmed the incident and said police were investigating.

We have opened a filed on the case, he added.