KUALA LUMPUR, The police have arrested a migrant woman after a newborn baby boy was allegedly dumped from the second floor of the Pusat Hentian Kajang building yesterday.

The woman was held at the Kajang Hospital compound at 11.30 pm following the incident at 5 pm, Kajang District Police deputy chief Supt Mohd Sabri Abdullah said today.

He said she was being held on remand for seven days up to Sunday.

Mohd Sabri said the injured baby, with his umbilical cord intact, was spotted by the owner of a restaurant and rushed to a nearby clinic for first aid and then sent to the Kajang Hospital.

The restaurant owner heard a loud thud at the back of the outlet and found the baby lying on the road at the rear of the restaurant next to some construction scaffolding, he said.

Mohd Sabri said the baby was under treatment at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Kajang Hospital.

Source: Nam News Network