Majlis AShura Economic, Financial Committee Discusses Tourism Ministry Statement

Muscat, The Economic and Financial Committee

at Majlis A’Shura today discussed the statement of the Ministry of

Tourism on the tourism sector in the Sultanate during the period 2016-

2018 as well as the approved projects during the period (2019-2020),

included within the National Program for Enhancing Economic

Diversification(Tanfeedh), in addition to the challenges and solutions.

This came during the Committee’s 6th meeting of the 4th annual

sitting (2018-2019) of the 8th term of the Majlis held under the chair of

Dr. Saleh bin Said Masan, Head of the Committee.

The Committee also discussed the topics related to the

legislations governing the tourism sector represented in the Tourism

Law and the executive regulations of the law.

The Committee also reviewed the theme on tourism marketing

and promotion, including domestic tourism events, various promotional

campaigns, programs and exhibitions organized by the Ministry of

Tourism on both domestic and external levels.

The Committee also reviewed special information and data

contained in the statement about tourism investment aspect by

identifying the package of incentives and facilities provided to investors

and evaluating the investor services. The Committee also addressed

the human resources theme in the tourism sector in terms of

Omanisation rates achieved in the tourism sector and the expected

career opportunities over the upcoming period.

Source: Oman News Agency