Madayn CEO Receives Golden Star Award for Excellence, Quality in Administration

Muscat, Hilal bin Hamad al-Hasani, Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates

(Madayn), has received Golden Star Award for Excellence and Quality

in Administration, which is awarded by the Excellence Awards Academy

in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The awarding ceremony was held

under the patronage of Dr. Abdulaziz Allam, Minister Plenipotentiary of

the Arab League.

The Award’s Secretariat emphasized that al-Hasani has received

the award as one of the distinguished and leading Arab figures with a

clear track record of success in the region. According to the secretariat,

this award is attributed to al-Hasani’s constant efforts in the

administrative field, his ability to overcome crises and meet challenges,

invest opportunities, adopt creative thinking, and contribution to the

advancement of the national economy.

Meanwhile, Madayn witnesses growth that is seen through its

indicators and results of efforts in spite of regional and global financial

and economic crises. Madayn has not recorded any noted decline in its

indicators in recent years. In 2018, Madayn received more than 450

new investment applications and signed more than 50 contracts to

expand its existing projects.

Construction companies, which have contracted with Madayn,

have already commenced implementing development works in its

various industrial cities, including Phase 2 of Al Mazunah Free Zone,

expansion project in Raysut Industrial City, and logistics project in Al

Rusayl Industrial City. Additionally, design and planning works for the

development projects in the wilayats of Al Buraimi, Sur, Nizwa and

Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) have been completed.

Agreements were signed in 2018 to construct and operate the

facility building in Samail Industrial City and the commercial zone in Al

Rusayl Industrial City. Construction and operation agreements were

also inked for the sixth and seventh buildings in KOM, as well as the

multi-level parking project.

In 2019, Madayn is working to construct and complete major and

value adding projects. Development works will commence in the

expansion project of Al Rusayl Industrial City in the coming days, in

addition to the rehabilitation of its entrances and establishment of new

entrances. Furthermore, Samail Industrial City will be officially

inaugurated soon, and Phase 7 of Sohar Industrial City and its Facility

Building, in addition to Phase 1 of the labour village in Suhar Industrial

City will be inaugurated.

Madayn has also received approvals to set up new industrial cities,

which include Thumrait and Shinas Industrial Cities. These cities will

be the first to developed by the private sector in the Sultanate. These

cities will be offered as investment opportunities for local and

international developers. It should be mentioned that the development

projects, which are undertaken by Madayn, covers all of its existing

industrial cities, in addition to the upcoming ones in Thumrait, Shinas

and Musandam. Capital and investment expenditure on the

development projects exceed RO 250 million.

By the end of the first half of 2018, the total investment volume

in the various industrial cities pertaining to Madayn has witnessed a

growth of 2.16% compared to the same period in 2017. The number of

workforce in the various industrial cities during the period has touched

56,887 with an Omanization rate reaching 34%. Moreover, the number

of investing projects in their various construction stages during the

same period has touched 2,071, of which 1,389 are existing, 368 are

under construction and 314 have been allotted with space. The total

area of the industrial cities has touched 104,494,694 sqm with

utilization rate of 54%.

Source: Oman News Agency