Lebanese Kataeb Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, highlighted the sacredness of liberty and freedom of expression in Lebanon, saying: "Freedom of expression comes first. Without freedom, Lebanon does not exist and there is no meaning to it. Freedom is sacred, and if we were to choose between it and anything else, we will choose freedom."

Gemayel disclosed that "Voice of Lebanon 100.3-100.5" Radio Station will open its air to all Lebanese to express their opinions freely, so that people can hear the voice of liberty and officials can hear the voice of the people freely.

"Those who are not pleased with this, let them imprison us all, if jails were to accommodate everyone!" he exclaimed.

Gemayel's words came during an honoring ceremony organized by the Kataeb Party to pay tribute to the late Lebanese poet, Maurice Awad, held at the Municipal Palace in Jdeideh on Friday evening.

Gemayel recalled the late poet's belief in the cause of liberty and his life-time efforts to preserve the nation's principles and values and to defend freedom in Lebanon and its sovereignty and independence, stressing that this ought not to be in poetry alone but part of people's daily true practices.

Source: National News Agency