Arab League Assistant Secretary-General, Hossam Zaki, stressed Saturday in an interview with "Sawt El Mada' Radio Station that "Lebanon will not be left alone, and its assistance is based on its readiness to respond."

"Arab funds are ready to help, but there should be a responsible government, for the formation of the government is the platform in this endeavor," he emphasized.

"Lebanon is going through a pivotal phase, which we hope will be for the better and that the political step would precede the economic step towards a solution," Zaki corroborated.

He added: "The economic situation in Lebanon is very stressful and we are working to monitor the measures that can be taken, and initiatives will be presented when the exploration process is completed."

"The Secretary General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, has asked me to meet with various Lebanese parties in order to help in overcoming the crisis," Zaki concluded.

Source: National News Agency