LaLiga is Bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo, Tebas Affirms

Madrid, Following the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to

Juventus, LaLiga boss Javier Tebas doesn’t fear Spanish football

feeling any negative effects thanks to the player’s legions of fans

looking elsewhere, the MARCA reported.

Serie A is set to feel a big boost from having Ronaldo play for

Juventus and Tebas insisted the LaLiga brand is bigger than Ronaldo.

“We are working so that such a movement is not so important,” he

explained to MARCA.

“If before I had worried 9/10, now it worries me 4/10. It is not the

same anymore and we have done a lot of work so that we don’t depend

on the transfer market.

“In LaLiga we are bigger than the name of the players, just as Real

Madrid are bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand.”

LaLiga President Tebas also contemplated whether Ronaldo’s move

will have any impact of television rights payments, which make up the

bulk of how clubs earn their money in the modern game.

“That would be a simplistic view of the international market,” he said of

any potential issues.

“The Premier League is always the best selling and it doesn’t have

the best players or the best clubs. The TV rights market doesn’t work

like that.

“No country has told me that it would lower its offer without Cristiano or

without Messi. They buy the competition.

Source: Oman News Agency