"The government is not implementing a systematic policy of restricting refugees, but we are working on a plan to ensure their repatriation," Social Affairs Minister Richard Kouyoumjian said during a meeting at his ministry's office on Saturday.

He added that all political counterparts agreed on the return of the Syrian refugees to their country, but this return is linked to several reassuring policies that the Syrian government should carry out.

"The Ministry of Social Affairs coordinates with UNHCR and various ministries, as well as agencies and organizations concerned with the refugee file, in addition to implementing support and cooperation programs with the Lebanese civil society active in this field," the Minister noted.

"We cannot ignore the concern of the Lebanese, especially since one third of the residents of Lebanon are Palestinian and Syrian refugees, and Lebanon is suffering from its fragile infrastructure, poor services and the deteriorating economic situation, in addition to the sensitivity of the Lebanese composition," he went on.

"There is no policy to renounce the rights of refugees or try to ignore any violations, violence or discrimination against them," Kouyoumjian concluded.

Source: National News Agency