Korean Leaders Meet in Pyongyang

Pyongyang, South Korean President Moon

Jae-in began his third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

today with possibly his hardest mission to date � brokering some kind

of compromise to keep North Korea’s talks with Washington from

imploding and pushing ahead with his own plans to expand economic

cooperation and bring a stable peace to the Korean Peninsula.

Hours after his arrival, Moon began an official summit with Kim

at the ruling Workers’ Party headquarters. The two sides were joined

by two of their top deputies.

At the start of their meeting, Kim thanked Moon for brokering a

June summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Moon responded by expressing his own thanks to Kim for

making a bold decision in a New Year’s speech to open a new era of

detente and send a delegation to the South Korean Winter Olympics in


The results of the talks were not immediately available. Seoul

officials earlier said they would focus on how to achieve

denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, decrease military tensions

along their border and improve overall ties. The North’s media said the

talks would reaffirm their commitment to Korean peace, unity and


The two are to meet again tomorrow (Wednesday), the

Associated Press (AP) news reported.

Source: Oman News Agency