MP Ibrahim Kanaan pointed out in an interview with "Voice of Lebanon" Radio Station today that "the President of the Republic did not ask for dialogue on the form of government solely, but on the content and form of the next stage as well."

He added: "The Free Patriotic Movement advocates holding the binding parliamentary consultations immediately, but to form which government, and for what purpose and what program?"

"What is required of the PM-designate is to be able to form a government quickly," he said, noting that "President Aoun is trying within his constitutional powers to secure the conditions of this rapid formation that the country needs."

Kanaan indicated that next week is expected to be the week of commissioning, followed by the cabinet formation, if intentions are true. However, he deemed that "the activation of the work of the caretaker government is required, until the formation of the new government," stressing that hands ought to be joined together to stop the country's collapse.

"The citizen wants answers from the civic movement to determine his options; is the movement with the displaced staying? Does it support a free economic system or another system? What election law does it want? Are we before a project that places the poor class against the rich?" questioned Kanaan. He considered that "there are practices in the name of the revolution that contradict the slogans raised."

The MP highlighted the need for efforts to be focused on developing a common vision, away from contradictory choices that contribute to obstruction. "What's needed is a Lebanese project that we market internationally, and not an external project that markets Lebanon," he said.

Kanaan concluded by expressing a word of praise for the initiatives of women and mothers in the popular movement, for their conscious and wise demonstration, hoping that a woman would be commissioned to form the next government.

Source: National News Agency