People's deposits in banks are a red line, and we are working to protect them through the meetings that have taken place, and the decisions that are being worked on, Head of the Finance and Budget House Committee, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, said Thursday evening during a meeting at the Mar Elias Antelias Monastery Theater in Antelias.

He added: Despite the difficult stage Lebanon is going through, we will overcome the crisis through national solidarity and through a plan to rid Lebanon of its outstanding problems, noting that chaos does not lead to change, but rather leads to the imposition of solutions that do not serve Lebanon's interest.

Kanaan stressed that Lebanon is targeted today, and the current situation is not only caused by social, financial and economic problems, but also because Lebanon refuses to resettle the Palestinians, and refuses to integrate the displaced Syrians and strike the internal unity, for instability leads to the dissolution of the state.

He concluded that the army can fight terrorism and achieve stability when there is political coverage.

Source: National News Agency