Jreissati chairs workshop on waste sorting, vows to introduce ‘sorting from source’ to reflect Lebanon’s civilized facet

Environment Minister, Fadi Jreissati, promised Saturday to exert all possible efforts to encourage the Lebanese to begin sorting their waste from the source as a means to address the country’s waste management issue, in order to reflect a more civilized image of Lebanon to the outside world.

Jreissati’s words came as he chaired a workshop today at the Environment Ministry’s Green Hall on the subject of waste sorting from the source, in the presence of participants from 30 municipalities, 37 environmental bodies, representatives of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and environmental experts.

Addressing the attendees, the Minister called for “joining efforts together, forgetting the past and opening a new page of cooperation with the Ministry.”

“It is shameful that a civilized country like Lebanon and a knowledgeable and educated people like the Lebanese are still unable till this day to sort from the source, but are still dumping their waste or burying it in the sea, mountains or valleys,” said Jreissati.

“This is a cry out loud to all officials and to the Lebanese people to work together in partnership, in order to achieve the dream of screening from the source…I believe that the greatest gift that this mandate can offer is to initiate screening from the source for the sake of our environment, and to portray to the international community a civilized image of Lebanon,” he went on.

“This is a challenge for us and for civil society, alongside which I have promised to work all the way,” he asserted.

“The Green Hall is filled with attendees today, and this is proof that people are thirsty for solutions. There are municipalities and environmental bodies that are working on sorting without any help from the Lebanese State. You have individual initiatives and this is a good thing,” Jreissati went on.

“Screening waste from the source is a national duty and I am your voice within the Council of Ministers. We have a parliamentary committee for the environment and I have met with its members…I come from civil society just like you, so let us join hands to achieve this step and protect our environment,” Jreissati underscored.

Source: National News Agency