Joint Effort-10 Concludes

The activities of the Command Centres Exercise (Joint Effort-10), which began on February 25th, was concluded this afternoon with the participation of various military, security and civil sectors.

In the briefing tent, the Chief of Staff of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF), commanders of SAF and attendees were briefed on the progress of the exercise, the lessons learned and revealed to study and develop their results in preparation for the national exercise (Al Shumoukh-2) and joint exercise (Swift Sword-3) with the British forces to be implemented in forthcoming October 2018.

On the occasion of the conclusion of the exercise, Lt-Gen Ahmed bin Harith bin Nasser al- Nabhani, SAF Chief of Staff, made a statement to the Moral Guidance Officer saying: “We were very happy to carry out the exercise (Joint Effort-10). We have lived in an atmosphere of vigorous and energetic training by all participants in this exercise. For the first time various parties are involved. It was the first time that we train on all levels, the strategic level, the operational level and the tactical level, as well as the activation of all the lines, the diplomatic line, the economic line, the information line and the military line. The work was completely consistent with all the participants and they were all very active in this exercise. The activity I touched during the exercise is unprecedented. We have accomplished a lot of achievements in various activities, and the purpose of this exercise is to prepare for the exercises of Al Shumoukh-2 and the Swift Sword-3, and I believe that this exercise has achieved its goals and in the end, of course, we must come up with new lessons and learned lessons. Workshops will be held to discuss those lessons and to come up with new mechanisms that will be framed and implemented during the coming exercises in October 2018.

Source: Oman News Agency