Iyad Allawi discusses with the US ambassador the situation in Iraq and the region

Baghdad The leader of the National Coalition, Dr. Iyad Allawi, received in his office in Baghdad, Elena Romanowski, the US ambassador to Iraq.

A statement from Allawi's office said that during the meeting, they talked about the situation in Iraq and the region and ways to achieve security and stability in it.

With regard to the repeated attacks on the regions of the Kurdistan region, Allawi stressed the need to respect sovereignty and not allow interference in the affairs of other countries, stressing at the same time the refusal to use the lands of Iraq as a springboard for attacks on neighboring countries or an arena for settling interests between countries.

The meeting also discussed the elections file, where Allawi stressed that the main condition for ensuring the integrity of the electoral process is to change the laws of parties and elections and change the current electoral commission.

The meeting also discussed the file of bilateral relations between the two countries and the promotion of coordination and joint cooperation, especially in the field of combating terrorism.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency