Ithraa to Start its Economic Evenings February 26th

Muscat, The Public Authority for Investment

Promotion and Export Development (Ithraa) announced the launch of

its annual initiative “Economic Evenings” in its eighth edition, which will

include four interactive sessions aimed at highlighting the future trends

of selected topics, and converging various opinions about it.

The first evening will be held on Feb. 26th under the title (Exports

and the Fourth Industrial Revolution), combining computing, artificial

intelligence and automated systems.

The second evening, which will be held on Apr. 23rd, focuses on

Attracting Investment and Talent: Competitive Advantages. The third

economic evening will be held on Sep. 26th under the title “Future

Work Environment”. It focuses on the concept of the change in working

environment in light of the presence of emergency jobs, part-time jobs

and temporary freelance jobs.

The fourth economic event, to be held on Nov. 5th, will discuss the

future role of the entrepreneurship sector in supporting the

diversification of the economy in the Sultanate.

Sajida bint Rashid al-Ghaithiyah, Acting Director General of

Marketing and Media at Ithraa, said that the evenings will host a

number of distinguished speakers, representatives from the public and

private sectors in the Sultanate, and a number of entrepreneurs,

academics and interested parties from different institutions to promote

research into opportunities and trends that serve the business

environment in the Sultanate. She added that all evenings will be

organized at the training center of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation.

Source: Oman News Agency