Tehran, Iran has asked the International Court

of Justice (ICJ) to lift the sanctions imposed by the US after it

abandoned the deal on Tehran’s nuclear programme.

Iranian lawyer Mohsen Mohebi said the US aimed to damage

Iran’s economy “as severely as possible” and had violated a little-

known 1955 friendship treaty.

The US is expected to argue that the sanctions do not breach

the treaty.

Iran’s economy has slumped since US President Donald Trump

ordered that the sanctions be reinstated in May.

The Iranian currency, the rial, has lost half its value against the

dollar, the monthly inflation rate has risen to 10.2%, and

unemployment stands at 12.5%.

The 2015 accord between six world powers and Iran saw the

Islamic Republic limit its controversial nuclear activities in return for

relief from international sanctions, the BBC reported.

Source: Oman News Agency