Muscat, A program entitled / Mechanisms for the

Development of Training Departments in the Public Sector/ , organized

by the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in cooperation with the

Arab Planning Institute in Kuwait, opened at Levatio Muscat Hotel.

The program aims to train participants and strengthen their abilities

in modern concepts of training and human development, and provide

them with knowledge about the nature and components of the training

process and the elements of its success. The program also seeks to

clarify the role of planning for training and training plan in improving

performance, in addition to the training system and homogeneity.

It also aims at providing participants with the necessary skills to deal

with the main obstacles facing the training process and how to

overcome them in a way that contributes to the development of the

performance of the participants in their work.

The program includes 26 participants from the various administrative

and military bodies of the state. The program deals with several main

themes, the most important of which are the concept of human

development, the fields of human resources, human development

mechanism, objectives and stages of planning and management of the

training process, the concept of quality and its applications on training,

quality of training and international standards. It also deals with review

of Arab and international experiences in this aspect, in addition to

practical exercises and applications.

The implementation of this program with the Arab Planning Institute

in Kuwait to achieve the goals of IPA through international cooperation

by attracting distinguished programs and benefiting from the expertise

and international cadres leading to the process of training.

Source: Oman News Agency