Muscat, The total number of internet subscribers in

the Sultanate, excluding active mobile broadband subscribers, rose by

10.8% to 389,434 by the end of June 2018, compared to the number of

subscribers in December 2017.

Of this, the fixed broadband internet connections, which have more

than 256 kilobytes speed, increased by 10.9% to 387,093 in the first six

months of 2018, according to the latest data released by National

Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The remaining 2,341 subscribers were fixed narrowband Internet

customers, who have a speed of less than 256 kilobytes.

The NCSI report also noted that the number of active mobile

broadband subscribers receded by 3.2% to 4.21 million by the end of

June 2018, from 4.35 million subscribers by the end of December


Total fixed telephone lines edged up by 7.8% to 536,335 by the end

of June 2018, from 497,716 subscribers by end-December, 2017. Also,

the number of voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) lines surged by 30.4%

to 160,371 from 122,949 subscribers by the end of December 2017, the

NCSI report added. Also, analogue fixed connections edged up by

0.1% to 321,203 from 320,799 subscribers during the period under


The public payphone connections remained unchanged at 6,801,

whereas ISDN channels and WLL connections rose by 1.7% and 0.1%

to 46,283 and 1,677 connections, respectively.

Postpaid mobile connections increased by 5.3% � from 650,812

subscribers to 685,075 customers by the end of June this year.

However, pre-paid mobile connections fell by 5% to 5,976,091 from

6,293,098 by the end of December 2017.

In addition, the number of subscribers of resellers fell by 5.8% to

996,692 by June-end of 2018 from 1,058,512 by the end of December


Source: Oman News Agency