The Press Office of the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Mohamed Fahmy, denied in an issued statement Saturday, the recent circulated news about “the transfer of a number of patients infected with corona virus from the city’s southern suburb to the Faculty of Information’s building in the area of Wata al-Msaitbeh, amidst an armed presence.”

The statement explained that the video attached to the circulated news belongs to a previous popular movement in one of the Lebanese regions, adding that the presence of a number of people in the Faculty of Information’s building premises in Wata al-Msaitbeh is due to the fact that, after suspecting the infection an engineer in the Engineering Syndicate’s branch in Dbayeh, the Syndicate urged all engineers in said branch to come to the Engineering Syndicate’s headquarters, adjacent to the Faculty of Information in Wata al-Msaitbeh area, to undergo the necessary tests to ensure their safety.

Source: National News Agency