Interior Minister to Euronews: We await results of International Tribunal investigations

The international tribunal is in charge of investigating the assassination of late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri and the results of investigations must be awaited,” Interior Minister Rayya Al-Hassan said in an interview accorded to Euronews.

“We stress the need to expose the real culprit because we are determined to clarify the truth, the Minister stressed.

As for the fact that she has assumed the Ministry of Interior despite being a female, she said, There is no problem with a woman assuming a sovereign portfolio in the country. This is a unique experience and should be applied in other institutions and ministries.”

Hassan went on to explain that there were a number of reforms that were being implemented, such as the Traffic Law, removal of concrete walls and other barriers, as well as airport security, municipal development, and other dossiers.

“There is a need for abused women to find an formal destination to resort to if they are harassed or threatened,” she said. “In Lebanon and in every village, women should be listened to in police stations, she added, promising to follow up closely on the matter.

Source: National News Agency