Information Ministry Organizes Seminar on Future Media

Muscat, A seminar on “Media of the Future” was held today at the Cultural

Centre of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), which is part of the Media Family Forum

organized by the Ministry of Information.

“We are talking about a radical change in our lives as media professionals, in the life of

nations and in economic progress,” Ali bin Khalfan al-Jabri, Undersecretary of the Ministry

of Information, said in a speech at the opening of the seminar, talking about the role of

media in details of life.

The seminar covered many topics that included a working paper entitled (Writing and

Publishing Skills for the Media of Future) by Dr. Hosni Nasr, Head of Information

Department at SQU, and (The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Radio and Television) by

Ayoub bin Saleh al-Alawi, Head of Development Team of Our Oman Portal.

The Media of the Future seminar concluded with a number of recommendations. It urged

the national media to develop media content to meet the current and future needs of the

users and to enable media training institutions to effectively train national media cadres to

deal with future media.

The seminar also called for the development of local experiences based on the idea of

media integration to enhance the capabilities of the Omani media in the future and provide

training programs to provide media professionals with the skills of media content that

corresponds to the characteristics of new users.

Source: Oman News Agency