Information Ministry Organizes Media Dialogue Majlis

Muscat, The Ministry of Information organized a

meeting entitled “The Majlis of Media Dialogue ” under the auspices of

Dr. Abdul Munim bin Mansour al- Hasani, Minister of Information.

Dr. Al- Hasani, said in a speech that “The Majlis of Media Dialogue is

an extension of the Omani traditional Majlis (Omani Sibla), which

includes the members of the community, where the persons of

responsibility and with opinions meet to discuss a lot of ideas and to

draw aspirations.

He added “The idea of setting up the Majlis of Media Dialogue came as

a suggestion from many media people that there should be continuous

meetings for discussions and dialogue about many issues,” He added

that “Our majalis are embracing many issues and discussing much of

what is going on in our minds and our communities.”

Minister of Information pointed out that the The Majlis of Media

Dialogue will cover in the coming period various governorates of the

Sultanate where a number of dialogues and community issues will be

put forward.

The meeting aims at listening closely to views, proposals, visions,

future perspectives, and engaging specialists to contribute their

opinions in the fields that concern them, in addition to investigating the

most important issues that engage the public opinion.

The importance of this meeting is for consultation and dialogue in

social media issues and listening to the opinions, proposals and visions

of the media professionals, intellectuals, writers, thinkers and


The meeting included a working session entitled “Community

Awareness”, which included two working papers, that entitled “Making

of Community Awareness” by Dr. Ubaid bin Said al- Shaqsi, Secretary

General of the National Human Rights Commission, and the second

entitled “How to Make Children Honest with their Parents” by Dr.

Khalfan al-Fahdi.

The Ministry of Information, the Public Authority for Radio and

Television , a number of press organizations, in addition to the

Committee of Information, Culture and Tourism of the State Council,

the Media and Culture Committee of Majlis A’Shura , the Omani Writers

and Literati Association , Omani Journalists Association, a number of

academics and thinkers, persons interested in cultural and media

aspects, the Government Services Communication Centre and the

National Youth Commission participated in the meeting.

It was attended by Ali bin Khalfan al-Jabri, Undersecretary of Ministry

of Information, a number of editors-in-chief of local newspapers and

media institutions in the Sultanate and a number of journalists and

media professionals.

Source: Oman News Agency