Inflation Rate in Oman Hits 2.4pc in August 2022

Muscat, The inflation rate of the Consumers Price Index (CPI) in the Sultanate of Oman stood at 2.4% in August 2022, according to the latest data issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

The data indicated a rise in the prices of main groups in August 2022 compared to August 2021, such as education by 5.1%, food and non-alcoholic beverages by 4.9%, health by 3.5%, transport by 3.1%, restaurants and hotels by 2.1%, miscellaneous goods and services by 1.5%, recreation and culture by 1.4%, furniture, household equipment and routine household maintenance by 1.2%, clothing and footwear by 0.9% and housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels by 0.6%.

Meanwhile, the prices of some main groups remained unchanged, such as tobacco and communications.

Prices also went up for oils and fats by 19.2%, meats by 8.8%, fruits by 7.5%, non-alcoholic beverages by 4.4%, bread and cereals by 4.1%, milk, cheese and eggs by 3.2%, sugar, jam, honey and sweets by 2.3%, other foodstuff by 1.9% and fish and seafood by 1.7%. Prices declined for vegetables by 2.9%.

As far as governorates are concerned, Al Buraimi recorded the highest inflation rate of 4.3%, followed by A’Dakhiliyah by 2.9%, Dhofar by 2.7%, A’Dhahirah by 2.6%, North Al Batinah 2.4%, North A’Sharqiyah and South A’Sharqiyah by 2.3%, while the Governorate of Muscat recorded the lowest inflation rate of 2.1%.


Source: Oman News Agency

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