The Ministry of Industry addressed a statement on Saturday to Lebanese and international media outlets, indicating that proven information has shown that Turkey and Israel and some other countries have resorted to deceiving consumers in foreign markets by adopting slogans and labels on food products that suggest they are of Lebanese origin.


“This new-old infringement is considered fraud and piracy, and constitutes a crime against Lebanon’s sovereignty, economy and industry,” the statement said.


It added that the Industry Ministry will work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants to request the Lebanese diplomatic missions abroad to follow up on this matter, far-reaching the prosecution of the involved sides.


Moreover, it considered that the closure of Lebanese factories during the lockdown period, which may be extended, serves to further increase the problem of freezing the national economy and halting its production and export cycle, which causes industrialists to lose their markets in a way that benefits competitors by winning over these markets.


Source: National News Agency

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