NEW DELHI, India Two Romanian nationals were arrested for allegedly withdrawing money using cloned plastic cards from unguarded and isolated ATMs, police said yesterday.

The police seized 48 cloned plastic cards, Rs 9.05 lakh, 2760 pounds, 5000 Euro, USD 10,000, a laptop, and two cell phones, they added. (One Lakh:100,000)

After receiving complaints of unauthorised withdrawals from ATMs in south district, a team of District Cyber Cell started analysis of complaints which revealed that most of the unauthorised withdrawals had taken place from the ATMs located at isolated locations and at odd hours.

The CCTV footage of the ATMs were obtained and analysed. Thereafter, the team members started keeping a discreet watch on such ATMs in the area.

On May 2, a police team spotted a suspicious person wearing helmet trying to withdraw money from an ATM on Mehrauli-Badarpur road.

A police personnel rushed inside the ATM and overpowered the man who was later identified as Iulian Dumbrava, a Romanian national, who was in possession of 14 cloned plastic cards on which PIN numbers were mentioned, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Romil Baaniya said.

Police also recovered Rs 47,200 from his carry bag.

Another person, identified as Cornel Traian Mirea, also a Romanian national was nabbed from some distance at IGNOU road.

He was in possession of 34 cloned plastic cards and Rs 1,38,300 was recovered from his backpack.

During interrogation, the accused revealed that they would visit India through Nepal and procure cloned plastic cards and PIN number from their Romanian associates.

They would take rooms in hotels or guesthouses in Delhi. Thereafter, they would identify unmanned ATM booths in Delhi, would hide their face with mask, helmet, cap, goggles etc. and withdraw money with cloned plastic cards and subsequently convert Indian currency into foreign currency and flee from India via Nepal, the officer said.

Source: Nam News Network