Geneva, Millions of disaster victims are left without humanitarian aid every year, as aid funds are not channeled properly, the Red Cross said in Geneva today.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) said in its annual World Disasters Report that in some major relief operations last year, less than half of the affected people were given aids.

“Even if all humanitarian appeals are fully funded, there are likely to be millions of people be left behind (without assistance),” said Elhadj Amadou Sy, IFRC Secretary-General.

The United Nations (UN) estimates that the emergency aid reach only 97 million of the 134 million people in need of them around the world this year. Other organizations, such as the Red Cross, are unable to cover the remaining gap.

The report recorded a number of factors preventing aid from reaching those in need. Marginalized groups, such as victims of sexual violence, minorities and migrants are often ignored by local authorities. Sometimes, the barriers are physical, as people are forced to travel through rough terrains or over security risks to reach those in need of assistance.

Source: Oman News Agency