Muscat, His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik has received greetings on the occasion of the 51stNational Day from Lt.Gen. Said Ali Al Hilali, Head of the Internal Security Service.

“Your Majesty, may the Almighty Allah protect you.

On the auspicious occasion of the 51stNational Day, I am honoured, and so are the personnel of the Internal Security Service, to express the best wishes and sentiments of gratitude to Your Majesty,” said Lt.Gen. Al Hilali.

Oman has been one of the deep-rooted civilisations as its history indicates over the ages. Its people have always exhibited noble values of solidarity, an example of which was their stance in the aftermath of the recent tropical cyclone.

Your Majesty,

The 18thof November is one of Oman’s eternal days that saw the launch of the renaissance brought about progress and prosperity and will continue to accomplish prideworthy achievements under Your Majesty’s wise leadership.

Your Majesty,

Your loyal soldiers, the personnel of the Internal Security Service express their pledge of allegiance to Your Majesty and vow to perform their sacred duty in full faith and truthfulness.

May the Almighty Allah protect Your Majesty and may He protect you and guard you as a symbol of dignity and resourcefulness.

Source: Oman News Agency