Muscat, The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE)

has won full accreditation in Committed to Excellence category as the

first government institution in the Sultanate to obtain this recognition

through cooperation with the Institute for Total Quality Management

(ITQM). The implementation of projects which provided training to work

teams and supervision of implementation of projects.

This achievement came as a result of the support of Dr. Rawiya bint

Saud al- Busaidiya, Minister of Higher Education, and Dr. Abdullah bin

Mohammed al-Sarmi, Undersecretary of the ministry for the projects

participating in the second phase of the evaluation. Ten development

projects were reviewed and evaluated, namely the activation and

development of the electronic service for students and graduates at

colleges of applied sciences, and management and control of the

applications for the internal scholarships submitted to the Scholarships

Committee, in addition to the development of the mechanism for the

grant of permits to the visitors of the ministry, the development of the

quarterly budget preparation process for the Colleges of Applied

Sciences, improving the process of auditing the expenses of the

students of internal scholarships, developing the process of requesting

data in the Alumni Survey System, simplifying the procedures for

equivalence of certificates for students dispatched by the ministry,

reviewing and developing the process of payment of dues in the

Internal scholarships Accounts Section, manage the documents related

to transactions of the Accounts Section, and provide electronic services

for students of the Omani Program for Cultural and Scientific


It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Higher Education has adopted the

implementation of the project of institutional excellence according to

the European model in cooperation with the European Foundation for

Quality Management EFQM in order to develop areas of work in various

administrative and technical divisions through the adoption of

methodologies and scientific methods to help meet the challenges

faced by the Ministry in its administrative and technical systems

according to certain criteria, and to identify the main strengths and

weaknesses in their administrative systems, by analyzing the current

situation of the problem, understanding the relationship between cause

and effect in the management system of the ministry, and identify

sustainable solutions to change and development, and dissemination

and circulation of culture of excellence at the administrative and

technical levels in the ministry.

Source: Oman News Agency