Mirbat, The historic seminar on the Omani

Navigator Shihab Eddine Ahmed bin Majid was held in the Wilayat of

Mirbat today under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al-

Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service. The seminar was organised by the

Ministry of Heritage and Culture, represented by the Directorate

General of Heritage and Culture in the Governorate of Dhofar.

Sheikh Kahlid al-Marhoon affirmed in a statement that the

contributions of the Omani Navigator Ahmed bin Majid, the most

famous Arab navigator, added another dimension to the humane

knowledge and reinforced the ancient maritime history of the Sultanate.

He added that behind this extended history of Oman and its

glory through the ages, men gave themselves and made the sacrifices

that deserved to be recorded in the books of history with gold. He

pointed out that behind this maritime role of Oman, there are men who

believed through their diligent quest in knowledge and the result was

an empire whose sons are proud of generation after generation.

Sheikh al-Marhoon added that Oman’s leading maritime role

was built on the shoulders of men, such as Ahmed bin Majid, who

developed the tools necessary for marine science, relying on compass,

magnets, stars and astronomy.

Ahmed bin Salim al-Hajri, Director General of Heritage and

Culture in the Governorate of Dhofar, said that the seminar is part of

the cultural events accompanying Salalah Tourism Festival to celebrate

the Omani Navigator Ahmed bin Majid, one of the symbols of the

Omani navigation and the pioneer of maritime navigation.

The seminar’s programme included the presentation of a range

of working papers by academic researchers and specialised historians.

A paper entitled “Ahmed bin Majid: The Man, Navigator and Scholar,”

was delivered by Dr. Said bin Mohammed al-Hashmi from Sultan

Qaboos University (SQU. A paper themed “The Omani Ahmed bin

Majid in the Oriental Studies,” was presented by Dr. Mohammed Qasim

Bahjam. Said bin Khalid al-Amri presented a paper entitled “Spatial

Geography in the Works of Ahmed bin Majid: Dhofar Ports and their

Landmarks as a Model”.

Another paper discussed “The Scientific Value of Ahmed bin

Majid’s writings, which was presented by Hussain bin Ali Ba Omar.

Hamoud bin Hamad al-Ghailani presented a paper entitled “Reading in

Summary of Regulations of Seas”. Khalid bin Mohammed al-Rahbi,

researcher in history presented a paper themed “The Role of Official

Institutions in the Exposition of Ahmed bin Majid and his Scientific


The seminar included a poem and a presentation on the

biography of the Omani Navigator Ahmed bin Majid, in addition to

honouring the participants and sponsors of the seminar.

The seminar on the Omani Navigator, Ahmed bin Majid, a

pioneer of maritime navigation, aims to highlight one of the Omani

important personalities who has left their mark in the field of maritime

navigation and to identify the institutional role and efforts exerted in

highlighting scientific, intellectual and literary achievements.

The Omani Navigator Ahmed bin Majid al-Sa’adi is one of the

most prominent Arab navigators in the ninth Hijri century / fifteenth

century, given to his scientific, intellectual and literary legacy.

Ahmed bin Majid collected practical experience as a navigator

and theoretical knowledge by recording his observations and

documenting the various knowledge related to marine science, which

made his achievements important references for researchers, scholars

and interested orientalists and Arabs alike.

Source: Oman News Agency