Public Health Ministry Press Office issued a clarifying statement this evening, in wake of the circulated news regarding the donated ventilators currently placed at Beirut’s Sports City, whereby it indicated that these devices are portable ventilators that are used when transporting patients from one place to another for a limited period of time not exceeding two hours.


“As for the ICU ventilators, which are needed by Corona patients who suffer from critical health conditions and are admitted to intensive care, their composition is completely different from portable devices and have specific specifications that allow them to be used for continuous hours over multiple days,” the statement clarified.


It also explained that portable ventilators are completely different in their specifications and role from the oxygen machines that are used at residential homes.


“In any case, these devices that Lebanon received from the State of Qatar form part of the field hospitals that have begun to be installed in cooperation with the Lebanese army, and will be handed over to these field hospitals to secure the transfer of patients to them,” the statement indicated.


In this connection, the Public Health Ministry confirmed that the aid donations it received during the previous period were completely delivered in accordance with the lists of needs it received from hospitals.




Source: National News Agency

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