Head Injuries Associated With 2 To 3 Times Higher Mortality Rates In Adults: Study

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Pennsylvania, US, New research indicates that head injuries are associated with two to three times higher mortality rates in adults.

The 30-year-study, conducted by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, found that mortality rates among adults who experience moderate or severe head trauma were nearly three times higher than adults who never endured head injuries.

The research found that over 23 million adults in the U.S., 40 years old or older, reported a history of head injury with loss of consciousness, attributing causes such as unintentional falls, sports injuries, or car crashes.

The research also correlated a series of long-term health conditions with various types of head trauma, including late-onset epilepsy, dementia and a higher risk of stroke.

Holly Elser, a neurology resident at Penn and one of the study’s lead authors, said in a press release that the research “highlights the importance of safety measures, like wearing helmets and seatbelts, to prevent head injuries.

Participants with head injuries were shown to have more deaths related to neurologic disorders, according to the study.

Source: Oman News Agency