Haya Water Central Lab delivers Accurate Results

Muscat, Haya Water established a central

laboratory to ensure that the production of treated water applies best

quality standards before being distributed through networks. Lab

specialists execute daily and comprehensive tests to ensure the

accuracy of the results.

Taghreed bint Mohammed Al Lawati, Haya Water Lab Manager

stated that due to the expansion of the projects and existing assets in

all the Sultanate governorates except Dhofar, Haya Water is keen to

equip the lab with the latest and modern technologies to ensure that

the wastewater treatment process is carried out in accordance with

associated local and international specifications and standards.

She added that the lab has been commercialized to accommodate

lab tests required by external customers to check whether water is

appropriate for irrigation and other purposes. The lab also conducts

soil checking to ensure that it is suitable for agriculture and it is not


The Lab Manager said: The laboratory as per client’s request,

sends specialized team to take samples from various site against

specific fees. Testing samples does not take more than 10 days

maximum from the time of request receipt until delivery of results to the

customer. However, if the sample requires sending it to laboratories

outside the Sultanate, it will take around 15 to 20 days. It is worth

mentioning that Haya Water laboratory partners with international

certified laboratories. Haya Water lab achieves more than 10,000 tests


She concluded that employees working in the lab are well trained

and they receive frequent training and development to keep them

posted with recent and updated lab parameters and technologies.

Source: Oman News Agency