Member of the “Development and Liberation” Parliamentary Bloc, MP Kassem Hashem, considered that “the stressful conditions witnessed in the country necessitate great national awareness, cooperation and wisdom to ward off the dangers and overcome the crises, away from any partisan, sectarian and regional gains.”

“This requires everyone to commit to moral values and norms, avoiding arguments, tensions and high-pitched polemic,” he said, speaking before the popular delegations that visited him at his Shebaa residence this Sunday.

“As we were able to confront the Corona epidemic and limit its widespread through patriotic unity and commitment, today we can put an end to the economic crisis if the political intentions are true and political calculations are dropped, because the current stage is not meant for illusionary victories,” Hashem emphasized.

He also that “the most important thing today is for those concerned in all positions, whether in the pro-government or opposition side, to listen to the people’s sufferings and their cries of poverty, hunger, high cost of living and job scarcity, and to preserve their clean money deposits.”

Source: National News Agency

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