Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani said Saturday that "the current stage is delicate and requires actions from the government, not reactions."

He pointed out that "there is a roadmap within the cabinet," and called for "taking immediate decisions to prove to the Lebanese citizen, before the international community, that we are able to introduce change."

Speaking in an interview with "Voice of Lebanon - Dbayeh" Radio Channel earlier today, Hasbani said that we have reached a phase that is beyond normal, which requires necessary action. He, thus, called on officials "to be aware that the provision of ordinary solutions and the adoption of the budget at the constitutional date - despite their importance and necessity - are no longer enough to stop the accumulated challenges."

Hasbani stressed the citizen's right to raise his voice and express his pain and daily suffering, adding that is the duty of the official to act responsibly in addressing citizens' concerns.

He highlighted the urgent need to begin with actual reforms right away, which ought to be a government priority at this stage.

Source: National News Agency