What we heard this morning about the arrival of Iranian ships is good news for the Lebanese, or a dangerous announcement that Lebanon will be drawn into internal and external conflicts?” former PM Saad Hariri asked in a statement following Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah’s speech, in which he announced the sailing of an oil shipment from Iran to Beirut.

“Hezbollah knows that the basis of the fuel crisis in Lebanon stems from deliberate smuggling to serve the Syrian regime...The party also knows that Iranian support ships will bring with them additional risks and sanctions on the Lebanese, similar to the sanctions that Venezuela and other countries are subject to,” Hariri said.

“Considering the Iranian ships as 'Lebanese territory' is at the height of the infringement on our national sovereignty, and a rejected invitation to work with Lebanon as if it were an Iranian province” Hariri underlined.

He continued to consider that Hezbollah’s declared positions show the Lebanese that they do not want a government, wondering “what kind of cabinet would it be that begins its business by receiving Iranian ships and clashing with the international community, at a time when Lebanon is in dire need of a government that enjoys the support of brothers and friends?”

“Hezbollah can obtain a visa of collusion with this covenant, and cover itself with the silence of the presidential team, but it will not obtain from the majority of the Lebanese a transit permit to hand Lebanon over to Iranian influence. These conditions will compound the people's living and economic suffering, and pave the way to Hell," Hariri concluded.

Source: National News Agency