The President of the Council of ministers Saad Hariri received today at the Center House the Jordanian Minister of Agriculture and Environment Ibrahim Shahahdeh heading a delegation from the ministry, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Hassan Lakkis.

After the meeting, Minister Shahahdeh said: We were honored to meet with Prime Minister Hariri and when we talk about Lebanon, we are not only talking about relations, but beyond that because we are connected by demography and common hopes and aspirations. We briefed Premier Hariri on the results of the agricultural technical committee, which gave optimism and hope about a partnership between our agricultural sectors.

He added: We agreed with Minister Lakkis to give priority to the exchange of agricultural products in the event of a shortage in our countries and this will have a great positive impact on our sectors.

He concluded: The environment sector is similar in both Lebanon and Jordan, where we have big increase in solid waste as a result of the Syrian displacement to Lebanon and Jordan. We agreed eight months ago that there will be one unified message regarding the solid waste file in the meeting of the Council of Arab Ministers of Environment to present it to donor countries. This serves Lebanon and Jordan and soon there will be a study that will have a positive effect, as promised by the World Environment Organization.

Hariri also met with a delegation from the German media institution Deutsche Welle that included the Director of Programming of TV, radio and online at DW Gerda Meuer, the Director of the Middle East Department at the Television Dr. Naser Shrouf, the Spokesperson for the Foundation Christoph Jumpelt, the Head of TV Department-Arabic Service Mohamed Ibrahim, the Deputy Director General of DW Akademie Natascha Schwanke, and the Director of DW's Beirut office, Bassel Aridi in a protocol visit to mark the opening of a regional office for the Foundation in Beirut.

He received a joint delegation of businesswomen from Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece. The businesswomen in Cyprus and Greece are presently in Lebanon within the framework of implementing the agreement signed two years ago for the cultural, commercial and tourism exchange between Lebanon, Cyprus and Greece.

Source: National News Agency